SCHS End of Year Parent Letter

|SCHS End of Year Parent Letter

SCHS End of Year Parent Letter

SCHS Students and Parents

As we close out this 2019-2020 school year here are some points of reference:

  • All grades will be finalized in Skyward by May 27th.  Seniors who are still working on credits through our credit recovery program will have until June 30th to complete in APEX. If course work is not completed by June 30th you will be given the option of completing work through our new credit recovery program, Plato, until July 15.  
    • Any senior who does not complete needed credits by that time will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies. 
  • The Senior Class of 2020 will keep their devices upon graduation. Seniors will be notified on how to bring their device into the tech department so devices can be taken off the school system. This deprovisioning process will then open the device for personal use. A date will be released in June to schedule a time to have your device deprovisioned. 
  • Students will keep their devices for the summer. If your device needs repaired over the summer technicians will be available throughout the summer to help with repairs. Repair of devices is available through either on site drop off at the high school between 10:00 and 2:00 Monday through Friday or at your home. Please call 812-427-2518 or email [email protected] to schedule a drop off or pick up.
  • Locker cleanout
    • Items in senior lockers will be collected and made available for pick-up.  We will be scheduling locker item pick up soon. (Seniors only)
    • Students 9-11 keep the same locker each year. The lockers will be cleaned for food items and trash but contents will remain until school starts in the fall. If a student calls for an item they will be scheduled a time to pick the item up in the office.  Please contact Dawn Powell or Mr. Todd [email protected] to make arrangements.
  • Library books & school owned items outside of technology must be returned.  Please email Mr. Todd or Dawn Powell to arrange a dropoff time.
    • If a student does not have the item to return a bill will be sent. This is our current practice for all lost or unreturned items.
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