SC Elementary Math Bowl Competition Participants

|SC Elementary Math Bowl Competition Participants

SC Elementary Math Bowl Competition Participants

The M.A.T.H. Bowl competition is a team event with no individual winners.  Each of the four rounds consists of three team members working together to solve eight math problems while competing against squads from other schools.  Teams compete in school gymnasiums or auditoriums, often filled to capacity with team members, coaches, family members, and other spectators.  Multiple choice questions are projected onto a screen as they are read by an emcee, followed by a 30 – 60 second period for team members to cooperatively choose an answer.  Each problem is graded immediately and scoring charts maintain a running team score as the evening progresses.  Additional team members sit in a cheer block to support their teammates.

At each site, the team members of the schools with highest scores in each of five enrollment

The competition is administered by Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) Department of Student Programs, in order to emphasize the importance of mathematics in upper elementary grades.  All IASP Academic Competitions are extra-curricular, with teams using time before school, after school, and sometimes even during recess or lunch times to prepare.

For more information, contact IASP at the above location or your local participating site.

Statewide results will be posted by noon (EST), February 24th at

A full list of teams enrolled in the contest, as well as the Host Site each is assigned to is available at

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