SADD- Canned Food Drive

|SADD- Canned Food Drive

SADD- Canned Food Drive

SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a student organization at Switzerland County High School that typically focuses on helping students make good decisions related to drugs, alcohol, and social events.  In the past SADD has organized Red Ribbon Week activities, Prom Safety campaigns, and Suicide Awareness campaigns at the High School.  With the pandemic the members of SADD have shifted the group’s  focus somewhat, organizing a canned food drive at the high school.  This was done to help those who are struggling with the current state of things in the world, be it pandemic related or not.  The president of SADD, Lillian Northcutt, has played a huge role in making this canned food drive a success.  Her dedication to the group is amazing, and has led to the largest membership in the past few years this year.  The canned food drive collected over 2000 items in its first week, and will conclude this Wednesday February 24.  All of the proceeds of the canned food drive are going to support the local food pantry, and that is what really has the club members excited.  They enjoy offering a helping hand when they can, but they were really excited that what they were working on could have an impact at home. “I am truly impressed with how hard these students will work to help out their community. 

Lily W., Lauren J., Kyra C., Megan W., and Samirah N. also set up a donation location at the IGA .  These kids are so happy to know they will make a difference for some families in need, it is really wonderful to see.  If anyone would like to donate to the Switzerland County Food Bank please reach out to the school, even after this food drive is over it’s a need that is not going away anytime soon.”  -Adam Pietrykowski 

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