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ISTEP Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

ISTEP+ First Time Administration, given to Grade 10 students in 2020, was canceled during the delivery of both parts of the assessment. ISTEP+ consists of two parts with each part administered in a separate test window. Student performance on both parts is combined to generate student scores.
Since students participated in Part 1 only due to COVID-19, the report simply indicates participation in this test event. Since students needed to complete all Part 1 and Part 2 test sections to yield a valid scale score, all students who participated in the Spring 2020 ISTEP+ FTA received undetermined (“UNO”) results. These undetermined results, while not providing an overall scale score, provide documentation of a test attempt for any student who may need this test attempt to fulfill requirements listed in the Graduation Waiver.
Additionally, please note that a formal rescore opportunity will not be provided for this assessment since scores are not being reported. Guidance regarding retest opportunities will be disseminated to parents from your local schools once policy decisions are resolved following the impact of COVID-19.
Please discuss these results and any questions that you have with your child’s school or contact the Indiana Department of Education’s Office of Student Assessment
(II\[email protected], 317-232-9050). Thank you for supporting your child’s education.

Dr. Jennifer McCormick
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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