HS Hosts College and Career Day

|HS Hosts College and Career Day

HS Hosts College and Career Day

Switzerland County College and Career Fair


The purpose of the event is to present high school students with grade appropriate information designed to inform them about career opportunities in various career pathways, and to help them make their college and career plans a reality.  For some students, achieving this purpose will consist of final decisions, preparations, and additional information for career and college plans already in place.  For other students, the purpose will be achieved by sparking their interest in one or several career fields, and inspiring them to become and/or remain engaged and focused during their high school years.    


Various colleges, trade programs and several area manufacturing and industry employers including DOW, Arvin Sango, Grote Industries, Bosch Automotive Steering and Super ATV will have representatives here for this event.  

Military recruiters, healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials from various agencies, human services employers and building trades representatives will also be present.  Our goal is to have something of interest for most, if not all, students.  Information will be presented on trade programs, apprenticeships, military opportunities and entry level healthcare positions, as well as degree program information from various colleges and presenters from careers requiring a college degree.  

Dave Murray, from the National Center for College Costs, will present to students on various grade appropriate topics centered around college and career preparation.  We will also have a presenter from WorkOne who share information about job service programs sponsored by the agency, including training and education assistance programs.

Program Benefits:

The program will benefit both students and the Switzerland County community as a whole.  When students graduate from our high school and go on to find rewarding and well-paid career positions, they are more likely to be happy, healthy and productive members of our community.  Although some students leave the community to seek career and education opportunities, many return to the area and share their skills and expertise and contribute to the local economy.  A well-planned college and career fair will inspire students and assist them in making plans and taking action now to insure future success.

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