Dual College Courses

Dual College Courses 2018-11-29T14:33:28-05:00

This year SCHS offers the following Dual Credit. These courses will have a weighted GPA grading scale due to being a part of STGEC(Statewide Transfer General Education Core).  There will also be courses offered through Ivy Tech and these will all be weighted as well.  The following dual credit courses will not be weighted: 

  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Advanced Biology
  • US History
  • World Politics
  • Honors Government
  • Honors English 11
  • Honors English 12


  • Animal Science
  • Food Science
  • Natural Resources
  • Sustained Energy Resources
  • Ag Mechanics
  • Plant Science
  • Landscaping
  • Business Management
  • Administrative Office Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Law