Expectations and Guidelines

Expectations and Guidelines 2021-01-22T09:16:43-05:00

Virtual Learning Class Management 

Below you will find the current guidelines for Virtual Learning. Please keep in mind that these may be subject to change as we work through our new dynamic.

**The most important aspect of virtual learning we want to emphasize is virtual learning is NOT the same as eLearning. **

Every teacher will post an assignment for every class on your student’s schedule, every day.  The assignments posted will be the same rigor as the assignments given in person in school. This means that your student will have a full day of classwork, every day that school is in session.  

Students who have chosen to work virtually will need to complete their assignments on their school Chromebook, not their phone, personal computer, or another device.  Many assignments will require students to log onto an extension or app that is already downloaded on their school Chromebook.

Virtual Help Desk

  • Virtual Teachers Office hours will be 8:00 am -3:00 PM.  If any students have questions about their assignments, need live help, need to call, or would like to set up a live Google Meet,  we will be available during these hours.  These are also the hours that we will be reaching out to parents and students.
  • Virtual Help Desk email – [email protected] – Please use this email address to contact any of us.
  • Virtual Help Desk phone – 812-427-4205 – Please use this phone number to call if you have questions about virtual learning. 

Assessments (Tests and Quizzes)

  • All tests and quizzes will be given only during school hours
  • Teachers are to announce test and quiz dates and times at least 24 hours in advance on Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will give times (testing period) the test or quiz is open and closed.  Please make sure you pay attention to the testing periods.
  • If a student is unable to test or quiz during the testing period, the student or parent will need to communicate with the teacher and virtual help desk to set up a testing time for that student.
  • If a student does not take the test or quiz during the testing period, nor communicates with the teacher or virtual help desk, it is the teacher’s discretion whether the student can make up the test time. 

Due Dates

  • Students will need to be diligent about meeting the due dates of their assignments since there will not be extensions. 
  • If a student misses the due date of an assignment, it is the teacher’s discretion whether they will give credit to the missing work.
  • Assignments will be deleted from Google Classroom 2 weeks after the assignments’ due dates.  If your student doesn’t complete the assignment before it is deleted, the assignment will remain a zero in the gradebook.


  • Students will need to log in to their school Chromebook for daily attendance. This means that each student will need to log in on their Chromebook each school day. 
  • If your student does not log into their Chromebook, they will be marked absent.  We will not go back through your student’s assignments to verify they logged on using another device.
  • There is not a set time to log in (For example if you log in at 6 pm, you will be counted as present for the day). 
  • However; if your student only logs in after 4 pm each day to do their assignments, we will not be available for help until the next school day. 
  • If your student is sick, at a doctor’s appointment, or an emergency that prevents them from being able to log in, please email the Virtual Help Desk – [email protected] to let us know and inform the teachers.


  • Communication between parents, students, and the Virtual Help Desk will be extremely important this year.
  • Students are able to live chat with any staff member of the Virtual Help Desk to answer questions, get help with assignments, tech help, or other virtual help.
  • Students will need to check their school email throughout the day for communication.   We will still be sending emails to students on a regular basis to keep them updated on school-related information.

How to be Successful in Virtual Learning

We have many students who are being successful in virtual classrooms.  Listed below are ways students can be successful this school year while staying virtual.

  • Login during school hours
  • Ask for help
  • Follow your school schedule as if you were at school
    • Example: 1st period – Math, Go to your virtual math class and complete your math assignment.
    • 2nd  period – Science, Go to your virtual science class and complete your science assignment
  • Make sure to click “Turn in”
  • Watch the instruction videos and read the directions

Types of Instructions

  • All Instruction will be delivered through pre-recorded videos and digital assignments.  
  • At this time, there are no live teachers available for students to watch live to learn their content.   **If your student learns best with a live teacher, please consider sending them to in-person school**
  •  If a student has a question that needs a teacher to answer or explain in a live setting, the student will need to email the virtual help desk –[email protected]
  • Students will need to check their Google Classroom throughout the day for assignments.
  • Assignments will be posted throughout the day just as they are in school.  
  • All assignments are posted under the Classwork tab in Google Classroom. 
  •  Please do not look at the Stream tab for assignments, look under the classwork tab. 

If your student does not log on for multiple days throughout the 9 weeks, has multiple missing assignments, or is failing multiple subjects you will be contacted on a regular basis. If there is no communication between the parents and the virtual help desk, the school administration will be contacting you.   There is also the possibility of the school resource officer coming to your residence for a wellness check.

  Please know that if your student does not log in and fails their classes, there is a possibility of your student being retained.  Letters will be going out from the school administration for those students who could possibly be retained.

If you don’t have the internet or only have cellular hotspots, please call your student’s school and let them know so we can help set up a better internet for virtual learning. – Please let the virtual help desk – [email protected] know immediately if you don’t have strong internet. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 812-427-4205.