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 Below is information pertaining to legal requirements, training and login information.  We suggest you log in using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.  The security settings of other browsers may cause issues when ordering reports.   We have your account set up with a Non-Certified Expanded Criminal History Package, a Certified Expanded Criminal History Package, and an Existing Employee Expanded Criminal History Package. Please let me know if there are any additional services needed. 

Non- Certified ECH Package– (applicant pay)  includes the background check and Indiana DCS  Check

Certified ECH Package– (applicant pay) includes the background check, Indiana DCS check and License Verification of Suspensions/Revocations check

Existing Employee ECH Package – (client pay) includes the background check required by law every 5 years and the Indiana DCS Check 

Important Information
Here is a link with a short movie clip you should review before accessing the system for the first time: 
FCRA Overview

You can access the online system to enter and view results at:

Online Links



When they go to this site, it will ask for their name, email, and position (Certified, Non- certified, and Existing). The system will send an email to the applicant with a link to begin the process. You will receive a notification email when the background check is complete. You do not need to get an authorization form filled out or provide the summary of rights if the applicants are using the link.

The system works best from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, using a smartphone or tablet is not recommended due to the security features. It is common for the applicant to enter information, but not be able to order the background check from a smartphone.

Quick training tutorials on new system can be found here

FCRA Obligations

As an employer you have obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act related to how you obtain an authorization (including the layout of the Disclosure Statement and Authorization).  Recent case law has indicated that volunteers may fall under FCRA so for risk management we suggest using this form for volunteers also.

Sample FCRA Disclosure/Authorization Form – a word document (attached) that you can customize and provide to your applicants, they will fill it out and return it to you. You will then enter that info into the system under the Order A Report tab.
FCRA Summary of Rights – please print out the summary of rights (attached) and provide to all your applicants  

Taking Adverse Action
The FCRA also has very specific requirements related to taking adverse action. The FCRA requires a two step process for denying employment “in whole or part” based on a background screening report that is initiated with a Pre-Adverse Action Letter, FCRA Summary of Rights and a copy of the report which is followed after a “reasonable amount of time” with an Adverse Action Letter.  There is a training video on the link above explaining how to create the pre-adverse/adverse letters.

Additional Court Fees                                                                                                  In some jurisdictions additional court fees may apply. You can find a list of county court access fees on our website under Resources.  These are fees that are charged by the  county.  They are charged on a per name basis.  Safe Hiring Solutions has no control over this fee.

Billing Information
Monthly invoices are sent on the first business day of the month for the previous month’s transactions. The billing contact will receive the invoice by e-mail.

Turnaround Time

Our typical turnaround time for a report is 3-5 business days.  While we strive to return your reports as quickly as possible, please understand that sometimes there are factors beyond our control that determine the completion date of a report.   Clerk assisted courts and court closures due to weather/holidays can extend the turnaround time for a report.