Are You Ready for a Virtual Field Trip?

Has your sudent ever been to visit a Coral Reef? Taken a stroll through the Colosseum in Rome? How about touring Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany?

Students in Ms. Peelman’s 6th grade class were able to do just that this week, using Google Expeditions as a portal to locations around the globe. According to Google, the Expeditions kit allows teachers to use technology to “Take students on immersive, virtual journeys…”.

During a virtual trip guided by Mr. Levell and Mrs. Ingels, students learned about conservation, not only in nature, but with our cultural heritage as well. As they visited the Coral Reefs, they discussed preservation and promoting growth and the imporatance of keeping our seas and marine life healthy. When they toured the Colosseum and Neuschwanstein Castle, they talked about the importance of protecting the multitudes of sites around the world that hold historical significance to the global population. Principal Tony Spoores, who was a part of the virtual field trip, was impressed with the technolgy and stated that ” It takes student learning to a whole new level”.

The expediitons Kit tool availble to teachers to enhance education in the classroom is available to all schools and all classrooms and another tool availble to teachers to enhance education in the classroom.

Ask your student if they have had the opportunity to take a virtual field trip yet. As a parent, if you would like to see how Google Expeditions work, please contact your child’s school to find out when the next virtual field trip will take place.