Saturday, December 10th, 15 students from Switzerland County High School Competed in the Region Leadership Conference at West Washington High School. Our trip to West Washington High School was a successful one. We had 15 students competing, and of those 15 students, 13 advanced on to the State Leadership Conference which will be held on March 12-14 in Indianapolis. We also had 2 students, Mackenzie Covington and Summer Dickerson, earn their Diplomat Torch Award. In order to win the Diplomat Torch Award a student must earn 30 points in each of the following 7 categories:
Love, Hope, Faith

For each category, there are a number of activities that a student can do in the school and community in order to satisfy the requirements.

In addition to the torch winners and event winners, I am pleased to announce that Calleigh Powell will be the 2017-2018 Region 12 President. This means that she will be in charge of the Region Leadership Conference next year and will be a part of the State Officer Leadership Team. As a part of the SOLT, she will be required to attend training during the summer, go to meetings throughout the school year, and most importantly, be in charge of the State Leadership Conference next year.

Please congratulate these individuals. SCHS is very proud of them.