It is my pleasure to welcome you to Switzerland County High School. We have thirteen varsity sports that represent the Orange and Blue in our athletic department. Our Pacer pride is contagious throughout our school hallways and our enthusiasm for our athletic programs is second to none! We are proud of our coaches and student athletes at Switzerland County High School. Sportsmanship is a valuable commodity and we encourage our fans to always display our Pacer pride with dignity. We would like to thank you in advance (the pacer fan) for your continued support. Together with our athletic department, our faculty, our students, and our community, the Pacer tradition of success will continue for years to come. If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school.

Athletic Schedule

Football09.22.176:00 PMHomeTrimble County HS
Cross Country09.23.178:30 AMAwayMadison Invitational @ Hanover
Girls Soccer09.23.178:00 AMHome(Tournament...Gall. Co., N. Harrison,Carroll Co.)
JV Football09.25.175:00 PMHomeSouth Decatur High School
Boys Soccer09.25.174:30 PMAwayAustin High School
Girls Soccer09.26.175:00 PMAwaySouth Dearborn High School
Volleyball09.26.175:00 PMAwayShawe High School
Boys Soccer09.27.174:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch
Volleyball09.27.175:00 PMAwayOwen County High School
Boys Soccer09.28.174:30 PMAwayShawe High School
Football09.29.176:00 PMAwaySouth Decatur High School
Cross Country09.30.172:00 PMAwayORVC @ Hanover
Volleyball09.30.179:00 AMAwayRising Sun Tournament
JV Football10.02.175:00 PMAwayScottsburg High School
Boys Soccer10.02.175:00 PMAwaySectional
Volleyball10.02.175:00 PMHomeMilan High School
Boys Soccer10.03.174:00 PMAwaySectional
Girls Soccer10.03.175:00 PMAwaySectional
Volleyball10.03.175:00 PMHomeSouthwestern HS-Hanover
Boys Soccer10.04.174:00 PMAwaySectional
Girls Soccer10.05.174:30 PMAwaySectional
Football10.06.176:00 PMAwayNorth Decatur High School
Cross Country10.07.179:30 AMAwaySectional at Hanover
Boys Soccer10.07.171:00 PMAwaySectional
Girls Soccer10.07.176:00 PMAwaySectional
Volleyball10.07.178:00 AMAwayNew Washington Invitational (V/JV)
10.11.1711:00 PMTime: TBA - Volleyball Girls Varsity Away Sectional
Football10.13.176:00 PMHomeMilan High School
10.13.1711:00 PMTime: TBA - Volleyball Girls Varsity Away Sectional
10.19.1711:00 PMTime: TBA - Football Coed Varsity Away Sectional
Girls Basketball10.26.175:00 PMAwayRock Creek Community Academy (scrimmage)
Girls Basketball11.04.175:00 PMAwayLawrenceburg High School
Girls Basketball11.07.176:00 PMAwaySouth Dearborn High School
Girls Basketball11.10.176:00 PMAwayMadison Consolidated High School
Girls Basketball11.14.176:00 PMHomeNorth Decatur High School
Swimming11.14.176:00 PMAwaySouth Dearborn/Batesville (Girls only)
Boys Basketball11.16.176:00 PMHomeMilan High School (scrimmage)
Girls Basketball11.17.176:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch
Wrestling11.17.176:00 PMAwayFriday Night Quads at Madison
Girls Basketball11.18.176:00 PMHomeFranklin County High School
Boys Frosh Basketball11.20.177:00 PMHomeSouth Dearborn High School
Swimming11.20.176:00 PMHomeProvidence/S. Ripley
Boys Basketball11.21.176:00 PMAwayEast Central High School
Boys Basketball11.25.176:00 PMHomeClarksville High School
Boys Frosh Basketball11.27.177:00 PMHomeMilan High School
Swimming11.27.176:00 PMAwayCharlestown (Girls)
Girls Basketball11.28.176:00 PMHomeMilan High School
Boys Basketball11.29.176:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School
Wrestling11.29.176:00 PMHomeNew Washington High Sch
Swimming11.30.175:30 PMHomeMilan/SDearborn
Wrestling12.01.175:00 PMAwayScottsburg Invite
Boys Frosh Basketball12.02.1710:00 AMHomeSouth Ripley High School
Girls Basketball12.02.176:00 PMAwayChristian Academy of Indiana
Wrestling12.02.178:00 AMAwayScottsburg Invite
Girls Basketball12.05.176:00 PMHomeOwen County High School
Boys Frosh Basketball12.06.176:00 PMAwayLawrenceburg High School
Boys Frosh Basketball12.07.176:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch
Swimming12.07.176:00 PMHomeOldenburg Academy
Boys Basketball12.08.176:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch
Girls Basketball12.09.176:00 PMAwayShawe High School
Swimming12.09.1710:00 AMAwaySeymour Invitational
Boys Frosh Basketball12.11.176:00 PMAwayMadison Consolidated High School
Girls Basketball12.12.176:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School
Swimming12.12.176:00 PMAwayScottsburg Invitational
Boys Frosh Basketball12.13.177:00 PMAwaySouthwestern HS-Hanover
Wrestling12.14.176:00 PMHomeScottsburg High School
Boys Basketball12.15.176:00 PMAwayTrinity Lutheran High Sch
Boys Basketball12.16.1712:00 PMAwayJV Tourney at South Central
Girls Basketball12.16.176:00 PMHomeSouthwestern HS-Hanover
Swimming12.16.1710:00 AMAwayFloyd Central Invite
Girls Basketball12.20.176:00 PMAwayTrimble County HS
Wrestling12.21.1710:00 AMAwayCrawford County/Paoli
12.22.1712:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Varsity Away Holiday Tournament at Madison
12.23.1712:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Varsity Away Holiday Tournament at Madison
Boys Basketball12.30.176:00 PMHomeSeymour High School
12.30.1712:00 AMTime: TBA - Wrestling Coed Varsity Away Salem Invitational
Boys Basketball01.02.187:30 PMHomeJV Rivertown
Girls Basketball01.02.186:00 PMHomeJV Rivertown
01.03.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Girls Varsity Away R-town Classic @ SD
01.04.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Varsity Away R-town Classic @ SD
Girls Basketball01.05.186:00 PMAwayR-town Classic @ SD
Boys Basketball01.06.188:00 PMAwayR-town Classic @ SD
Boys Basketball01.06.1811:30 AMAwayJV Rivertown
Girls Basketball01.06.1810:00 AMAwayJV Rivertown
Wrestling01.06.189:00 AMAwayMadison Invitational
Swimming01.06.1810:00 AMAwayMadison/Austin/S'western/Olden.
Boys Frosh Basketball01.08.186:00 PMAwayMilan High School
Wrestling01.09.186:00 PMHomeSouthwestern
Swimming01.10.186:00 PMAwayScottsburg/C'town
Girls Basketball01.11.186:00 PMAwaySouthwestern HS-Hanover
Boys Basketball01.12.186:00 PMHomeSouthwestern HS-Hanover
Boys Basketball01.13.186:00 PMHomeSouth Ripley High School
Girls Basketball01.13.181:00 PMHomeNew Washington High Sch
01.13.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Wrestling Coed Varsity Away Southwestern Invitational
Swimming01.13.189:30 AMHomeS'western/Silver Creek/S. Ripley
Boys Frosh Basketball01.15.186:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch
Boys Frosh Basketball01.16.186:00 PMHomeJac-Cen-Del High Sc
Girls Basketball01.16.186:00 PMAwayJac-Cen-Del High Sc
Swimming01.16.186:00 PMAwayORVC
Girls Basketball01.18.186:00 PMHomeOldenburg Academy
Boys Basketball01.19.186:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch
Boys Frosh Basketball01.20.184:30 PMAwayTrinity Lutheran High Sch
Girls Basketball01.20.1812:00 PMHomeSouth Decatur High School
01.20.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Wrestling Coed Varsity Away 6 Way at Milan
Swimming01.20.1811:00 AMAwayS'west./Scotts./S. Ripley
Boys Frosh Basketball01.23.186:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School
Girls Basketball01.23.186:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch
Girls Basketball01.25.186:00 PMHomeSouth Ripley High School
Swimming01.25.186:00 PMAwayL'burg/Milan/S. Rip./S. Dear. (boys only)
Boys Basketball01.26.186:00 PMHomeNew Washington High Sch
Boys Basketball01.27.186:00 PMHomeMilan High School
01.27.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Wrestling Coed Varsity Away Sect. @ Jenn. Co.
Swimming01.27.1810:00 AMHomeOldenburg/Charlestown/S. Ripley
01.29.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Freshman Away ORVC Tourney
01.30.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Freshman Away ORVC Tourney
01.30.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Girls Varsity Away Sectional (30th-3rd)
Boys Basketball02.01.186:00 PMHomeScottsburg High School
02.01.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Swimming Boys/Girls Varsity Away Girls Sectional
02.03.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Swimming Boys/Girls Varsity Away Girls Sectional
Boys Basketball02.06.186:00 PMAwayLawrenceburg High School
Swimming02.07.186:00 PMAwayCharlestown (Boys)
Boys Basketball02.09.186:00 PMAwayShawe High School
Boys Basketball02.10.186:00 PMAwayFranklin County High School
02.15.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Swimming Boys/Girls Varsity Away Boys Sectional
Boys Basketball02.16.186:00 PMAwayJac-Cen-Del High Sc
Boys Basketball02.17.186:00 PMAwaySouth Dearborn High School
02.17.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Swimming Boys/Girls Varsity Away Boys Sectional
Boys Basketball02.22.186:00 PMHomeMadison Consolidated High School
02.27.1812:00 AMTime: TBA - Basketball Boys Varsity Away Sectional (27th-3rd)
Baseball03.23.184:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch (scrimmage)
Baseball03.30.184:00 PMAwayLawrenceburg High School (JV)
Baseball03.31.1810:00 AMHomeLawrenceburg High School ( DH)
Softball04.02.184:30 PMAwaySouth Dearborn High School (V/JV(5))
Baseball04.03.184:30 PMHomeCarroll County HS (V/JV(5))
Track04.03.184:00 PMAwayMilan/S'western @Milan
Baseball04.04.184:30 PMHomeSouth Dearborn High School
Boys Golf04.05.183:30 PMAwayS'west./RS/SR @ Hoosier Links
Track04.05.184:00 PMHomeRS/JCD
Baseball04.06.184:00 PMAwayJac-Cen-Del High Sc
Softball04.06.184:00 PMAwayJac-Cen-Del High Sc (V/JV(5))
Baseball04.07.1810:00 AMHomeAustin High School (DH (V/JV))
Baseball04.09.184:00 PMHomeSouth Ripley High School
Boys Golf04.09.183:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch
Softball04.09.184:00 PMHomeSouth Ripley High School (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf04.10.183:30 PMAwaySouth Ripley Invitational (Hoosier Links)
Track04.10.184:00 PMAwayL'burg/S. Rip./Milan
Baseball04.11.184:00 PMAwayMilan High School
Softball04.11.184:00 PMAwayMilan High School (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf04.12.183:30 PMAwayJCD/RS (North Branch)
Track04.12.184:00 PMHomeRiver Relays
Baseball04.13.184:00 PMAwayShawe High School
Softball04.13.184:00 PMAwayShawe High School
Softball04.14.1810:00 AMHomeLawrenceburg High School ( DH)
Baseball04.16.184:00 PMHomeMadison Consolidated High School
Softball04.16.185:00 PMHomeOwen County High School ( V/JV(5))
Baseball04.17.184:30 PMHomeNorth Decatur High School ( JV only)
Track04.17.184:00 PMAwayTiger Relays @ Lawrenceburg
Baseball04.18.184:30 PMAwayNew Washington High Sch
Baseball04.19.184:30 PMAwayGallatin County High School ((JV only))
Baseball04.19.184:30 PMHomeGallatin County High School
Softball04.19.184:30 PMAwayProvidence High School
Track04.19.184:00 PMAwaySouth Dearborn Invitational
Baseball04.23.184:00 PMAwaySouthwestern HS-Hanover (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf04.23.184:30 PMAwayRS/SW (Rising Star)
Softball04.23.184:00 PMAwaySouthwestern HS-Hanover (V/JV(5))
Track04.24.184:00 PMAwayLawrenceburg/South Dearborn @ L'burg
Baseball04.25.184:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch (V/JV(5))
Softball04.25.184:00 PMHomeRising Sun High Sch (V/JV(5))
Track04.26.184:00 PMHomeVevay Newspapers Inv. (SW/RS/JCD/L'burg/Shawe)
Softball04.27.184:00 PMAwayMadison Consolidated High School (V/JV(5))
Baseball04.28.189:00 AMHomeJV Tourney (RS,...)
Baseball04.30.184:00 PMHomeShawe High School
Boys Golf04.30.183:30 PMHomeMadison/JCD
Softball04.30.184:00 PMHomeShawe High School
Boys Golf05.01.183:30 PMAwaySR/SW (Spring Hills)
Track05.01.184:00 PMAwaySR/JCD/Shawe @SR
Baseball05.02.184:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School
Softball05.02.184:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf05.03.183:30 PMHomeSW/Milan
Track05.03.184:00 PMAwayRising Sun Invitational
Baseball05.04.184:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch (V/JV(5))
Softball05.04.184:00 PMAwayRising Sun High Sch (V/JV(5))
Baseball05.07.184:00 PMHomeMilan High School (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf05.07.183:30 PMAwayOldenburg/SR (Hoosier Links)
Softball05.07.184:00 PMHomeMilan High School (V/JV(5))
Baseball05.08.184:00 PMAwaySouth Ripley High School
Boys Golf05.08.183:30 PMHomeShawe High School
Track05.08.184:00 PMHomeORVC Meet (Girls)
Baseball05.09.184:30 PMAwayProvidence High School
Softball05.09.184:00 PMHomeOldenburg Academy
Boys Golf05.10.183:30 PMAwaySR/JCD (Hoosier Links)
Track05.10.184:00 PMHomeORVC Meet (Boys)
Boys Golf05.11.184:00 PMHomeTrinity Luth./Oldenburg
Softball05.11.184:00 PMHomeNew Washington High Sch
Baseball05.12.1810:00 AMAwayOldenburg Academy
Baseball05.14.184:00 PMHomeJac-Cen-Del High Sc
Boys Golf05.14.183:30 PMAwayRS/L'burg/SD at Hidden Valley
Softball05.14.184:00 PMHomeJac-Cen-Del High Sc (V/JV(5))
Track05.15.183:30 PMAwayGirls Sectional (Jeff.)
Baseball05.16.184:00 PMHomeSouthwestern HS-Hanover (V/JV(5))
Softball05.16.184:00 PMHomeSouthwestern HS-Hanover (V/JV(5))
Boys Golf05.17.183:30 PMAwayShawe/SR (Sunrise)
Track05.17.183:30 PMAwayBoys Sectional (Jeff.)
Baseball05.18.184:15 PMAwayScottsburg High School
Boys Golf05.19.181:00 PMAwayORVC (Rising Sun)
05.20.1811:00 PMTime: TBA - Softball Girls Varsity Away Sectional (21st-26th)
05.22.1811:00 PMTime: TBA - Baseball Boys Varsity Home Sectional (23rd-28th)
Boys Golf05.23.184:30 PMAwayR. Sun Invitational
Boys Golf05.29.183:30 PMAwayShawe/SW/SR (Sunrise)
06.03.1811:00 PMTime: TBA - Golf Boys Varsity Away Sectional (Sunrise)