Congrats to Mr. Gregg Goewert for being named 2016 District 12 HS Principal of the Year. Mr. Goewert was one of six finalists for State HS Principal of the Year.

In Mr. Goewert’s 5 years the school has a 5 year grad rate average of 95+% and a 5 year attendance rate average of 94.5%. SCHS has improved from a low D to a B+ and has maintained the B grade with the state thanks to improved ECA scores and a CCR grade of an A.
“I am thankful for the 2 different students who wrote a nomination letter and a teacher who did the same. I am very proud of our staff who support and hold students accountable to do their best. We have a very good team.”

Gregg A. Goewert, EdS – SCHS Principal