BPA students recently competed in Indianapolis at state competition.  Several students placed in the top 10 in their respective events with 2 students placing high enough to advance to national competition in Orlando, FL in May.

High School-

Calleigh Powell- 1st in Extemporaneous Speech and 2nd in Prepared Speech- moving on to nationals

Garrett Demaree- 21st in Advanced Spreadsheets- moving on to nationals

Middle School-

Makayla Harris- 10th in Prepared Speech

Aiden Day-6th in Keyboarding Production

Ben Smith- 1st in Business Math

Michael Stanton- 9th in Financial Literacy

Sam Riley- 7th in Financial Literacy

Meaning of the Organization’s Name

Business: The field for which we prepare our students; emphasizes that we educate our members to work efficiently, not only in an office setting, but also in a wide variety of business situations.
Professionals: Our students indicate they join BPA to take advantage of a wide variety of professional development opportunities.
America: Symbolizes pride in our country and its free enterprise business system.