Technology touches almost every part of our lives, at school, at work and at home. Setting a goal  for our students to immerse themselves in the technological world around them, sets them up to succeed in the future that is rapidly approaching them. Used in an engaging and purpose driven way, technology will help students attain the skills they need to prevail in a technological based workplace. Below are just a few of the ways we are integrating technology into our schools.

Robotics Club-  Robotics has many educational opportunities:•Problem Solving•Building systems•Programming•Physics


Digital Citizenship Day– Teaching students of all ages about using technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully.

Career/ College Day- Encourages students to explore their career interests and passions as an extension of their academics.

 RealCare Baby Simulator- The only infant simulator with wireless programming and reporting capabilities. It is used in conjunction with comprehensive curriculum and interactive activities.

Eleven-Fifty Academy/ Coding Day- Exposing students to coding and programming.

eLearning Day PD for Teachers- Enable teachers to have an entire day of professional development/planning with their peers

Business Professionals of America Competitions- CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.

Adam Dennis- HS Math Teacher and American Legion 2016 District Teacher of the Year- The Many Ways He Uses Technology in the Classroom

-Math requires repetition.  We have been fortunate to get investments from our school system in things like IXL. I like it because it gives students immediate feedback as opposed to them taking home a worksheet doing 25 problems and doing them all wrong. We now concentrate on practicing them right !
-I use Khan Academy as an extra credit opportunity for my students.  If you get an 80% in 4th grade, you did well, but theoretically that means that you lost 20% of the 4th grade content.  If you continue to do that all the way up to high school you have missed out on a lot of math.  My intent is to get them to use it at home to fill in some of those gaps in their knowledge.
-I use Quizizz, Kahoot, and Quizlet for things like review and bell ringers.  Quizlet is good to work in groups and the other two are used depending on which one has the best material. Students get to be competitive and extra credit can be awarded to encourage focused participation.
-I use Powtoon in my Stats class to get my students to investigate the purpose of confidence intervals and make a cartoon telling about it.
-I have students come in before school and during homeroom to work on homework.

Google CS First Club- Increases student access and exposure to computer science (CS) education and coding.

eLearning Days for students- To prepare students for a college/work environment where most work is done online.

 Flight Club– Learning how to navigate drones and exploring their capabilities.